About this Site

This site is intended to provide a user-friendly catalog and/or encyclopaedia of publicly available data on confirmed exoplanets. It is being built since November 2015, as a hobby project where I am trying to mix my software engineering skills with a passion to astronomy and the Science of the Universe.

Sources of Data and Contents

Data on exoplanets are read and parsed from source files available from the official NASA Archive.
Stellar catalog data (stars with magnitude greater than 6) were imported from HYG Database.
Constellation boundaries data were imported from Pierre Barbier's files.
Constellation lines were imported from the Excel file at MidnightKite site.

The photo textures of the Earth and other Solar system bodies are taken either from Wikimedia Commons or from Wikipedia.


The main back-end technology for building this site is Play! Framework, under Scala programming language.

The front-end technologies are AngularJS, Bootstrap and PaperJs.


For any question, suggestion or bug report you are welcome to write a message to contact@exoplorer.org.